This weekend I rediscovered a blog I came across a few months ago, It now has a permanent spot in my Google reader. Why? Well…

Here’s what the blog is about: This site is my online journal that documents my attempts to reach various goals inspired by the principles found in the book, Think and Grow Rich. Join me as I strive to meet financial goals, fashion goals, school goals, hair-care goals, and everything in between.

Reading through her posts brought me back to my basics. I used to be all about goal setting. I created my first 5-year plan in 9th grade, with earning a full scholarship to college and successfully completing my first year of college. I made another one that mapped out the rest of my collegiate career, but after that, I stopped crafting and sticking to a plan. And it shows. Having no goal is like getting in a car with no destination in mind: you waste a lot of time and money going nowhere in particular.

So, what does this have to to with being a mom? Everything! Being responsible for another life means I have to banish the word “aimless” from my vocab. I have to create an environment that allows the Babycakes to thrive while at the same time continuing to pursue my dreams. This means I’ve gotta have financial goals, familial goals and career goals, not to mention spiritual and health goals.

So I’m following the Think and Grow Chick’s method and segmenting my goals–and having a concrete plan for achieving them.
p.s. In addition to, I’m also using this fantabulous book by Amy DuBois Barnett to come up with my list of goals: Get Yours!