Obviously, one of my passions is being a good mother–raising up the Babycakes into an awesome, er, Grownupcakes. But my other passion, which I’ve nurtured since I was seven, is writing. I LOVE the written word. As a teen, I spent hours at the library and filled notebook after notebook with bad poetry and melodramatic fiction. Over the years, I’ve grown–and so has my writing. It’s got a long way to go, though. Eventually, I’d like to hone my craft by getting an MFA in creative writing. In the meantime, I’m culling knowledge from a variety of sources. Hence The Learning Series.

One of my favorite sources of info is the Teachin’, Writin’ Blogger. Now, there are a great many writers who blog or otherwise make use of new media, but I find the teaching writers to be particularly useful. Not only are they successful practioners of the craft, they’re also skilled at breaking down the mechanics of writing. Now, they may not write about technique all the time, but they’re always useful. For me, at least. 🙂 Anyway, here are three to check out:

Tayari Jones, Tayari’s Blog
Alexander Chee, Koreanish
Abdel Shakur, Misstra Knowitall (note: I’ve just come across this blog. The author was the editor of the Indiana Review, and I think their program is dope, so I’m quite interested in this one.)

Know any great blogging writers?