I don’t know if I’ve made public my J.J. Abrams stannery before now; if not, I’m declaring it with this post. J.J. Abrams is THE BUSINESS–his stories are the very definition of enthralling. Convoluted, but that’s the way I like ’em. I was a fan of his show Alias before I even knew it was his show, and I’m totally a Lostie. Check out this great article on him in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.  A quote from the story:

Abrams says that’s only one way of evaluating the dynamics of a mystery box. “There’s no answer to the box that’s going to make you happy,” he acknowledges. But, he adds, “the key is to use the box as a bait, to grab people and bring them into one story, only to introduce another.”

What mystery box, you ask? Why, the one he talks about in The Best TED Talk Ever!*

*Ok, that’s hyperbole, but the exaggeration is very slight.