1. I was following Carleen Brice‘s #LitChat earlier this week, and I mentioned that I’ve been on an Afro-futurism vibe. She told me to check out N.K. Jemisin; after reading three sample chapters on her website, I’ll be headed to Barnes and Noble TONIGHT to pick up The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

2. I’m planning to do a post on Afro-futurism soon; in the meantime, here’s a cool blog post about it that I ran across in my research.

3. For Harriet started this cool tumblr call Black Girls Love Books. You already know that I ❤ it.

4. For those of you who live in Birmingham, AL: the Literacy Council is accepting applicants for its brand new Junior Board.

5. Another Birmingham link: Birmingham Reads is coming up! I’m definitely going to sign up for it this year. Why it’s important:

28% of Alabama 4th graders read below grade level

24% of Alabama adults are functionally illiterate

That’s 41% of the potential work force entering adulthood without a high school diploma, and 25% of them without even the ability to read a job application.

73% of Alabama’s inmates are functionally illiterate

68% of adults on welfare are functionally illiterate

So volunteer, or donate!