I’m in between books right now, trying to decide what to read next. I’d like to read Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez, if I can make it to the bookstore. Or, I might read I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg. In the meantime, I’ve been reading a lot of children’s books–the Babycakes is already a bibliophile. ‘Til my next book review, here are some literary links.

1. Whenever I learn about things like Center for Fiction, I seriously consider moving to New York City, despite the snow and crazy cost of living.

2. This Washington Post article on Dolen Perkins-Valdez illustrates how fiction can help fill the voids in African American history. I can cosign; the first time I ever felt a deep sense of roots or connection to this country was after reading Toni Morrison’s Jazz.

3. I didn’t know Poets & Writers magazine offered creative writing prompts and exercises. Signed up for ’em today.

4. I like the LA Times’ book section. It’s always struck me as…kinda democratic. Like, they’re nice to genre books as well as “literary” ones.

5. A nice article on the joy of reading.