1. 300 Things We Didn’t Know about Gerard Butler
I love the cool setup of this interview. Normally, a writer does research to find out all s/he can about the subject before speaking with them. This guy, however, did the exact opposite. Gotta love Esquire for its innovation.

2. The 2010 Faculty for the Voices of our Nation Writers Workshops
I’m trying to be there this summer.

3. Pulisher’s Weekly: Best Books of 2010
Hopefully I’ll get to read Beneath the Lion’s Gaze by Maaza Mengiste before the year is out.

4. Books that have caught Danyel Smith’s eye
She’s the former editor of Vibe and other magazines, and she’s got a cool tumblr page.

5. On the Irish short storyThis is not an argument for a lyrical as opposed to a social theory of the short story: characters are part of it too; the way people do unexpected things, even if you have invented them yourself. The short story delivers what O’Connor calls “the experience of meaning”; the surprise that comes when things make sense. YES. This is exactly how I feel when I reach the end of a great short story.