Yesterday I came across a short story by Natsuo Kirino. Don’t know who she is? Well get her in your life!

I first heard of her during an author reading in Brentwood back in 2007 (I think). Junot Diaz (told ya, I’m a stan!) recommended reading her novel Grotesque. She’s very famous in her Japan, her home country, and she’s pretty prolific too if I’m not mistaken. I ended up reading Grotesque and Out–both were fascinating, disturbing and damn good works of literature. They’re both about murders in Japan, but they don’t unfold like typical murder mysteries do. And although there is a LOT of violence in her work, the way she writes about it is almost…pretty. What stands out most to me, though, are her characters. She draws pictures of complex people who are both pitiable and abhorrent–the textbook definition of literary grotesques. Like really–these characters get stuck in your mind and never leave.

I’d never read any of her short stories until today, when I read “In Goats’ Eyes, Is the Sky Blue?” It was just what I’d come to expect from her: vivid, imaginitive, and chilling. Definitely check it out.