So I recently reconnected with an old friend who loves music just as much as I love literature. He’s been recommending lots of different music to me (which, consequently, has me interested in songwriters and their creative processes–more on that in another post). Anywho, I tend to think of things thematically, so here’s a new feature (I know–gotta post regularly to be considered a feature. I’m working on it!)–a new feature: Prose, Poetry, Song. Just a random, thematic grouping of prose, poetry and music. Maybe it’ll spark some creativity; maybe it’ll alleviate some boredom. At the very least, I hope it entertains.

So–today’s theme: Good Love. You know, the fairy tale kind of love that, even if it doesn’t last forever, is exactly what you thought love was supposed to be.

PROSE: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston
This is, to me, one of the most perfect love stories ever written. Janie and Teacake had their problems, but I think what they had was perfect in its imperfection. Not to mention Hurston’s deft crafting of the English language–pure brilliance.

POETRY: “Land”, Suheir Hammad
Poetry tends to speak for itself, so I’ll let it do just that:
LAND by Suheir Hammad
his approach
to love he said
was that of a farmer
most love like
hunters and like
hunters most kill
what they desire
he tills
soil through toes
nose in the wet
earth he waits
prays to the gods
and slowly harvests
ever thankfu

SONG: “Naima”, John Coltrane
Named after his then-wife, this song has no lyrics but is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Listen here.