On Twitter today, Neil Gaiman posted this Twitpic of the space where he writes.


The Babycakes and I moved into a new apartment last week, so I’ve been thinking a lot about personal spaces (not being fully unpacked yet reminds me just how big an effect your environment has on your life!). Now, technically, you can write anywhere, but I’ve found that having a serene, dedicated space to write in makes my productivity go through the roof. The opposite is true, as well. I’ve set up a temporary writing area at the bar in my dining area and am working on creating a more permanent place.

What’s your creative space like? Here are a few places where writers write:

of Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers’ spaces
Poets and Writers article on writing spaces

So Nicole Aragi isn’t a writer, she’s an agent, but look at that bookshelf!

A writer home makeover in the NYT

From nytimes.com (i didn't take this picture!)