Earlier this year I discovered personal style blogs, and it wasn’t long before I became hooked. These blogs are image heavy and feature the bloggers exhibiting–duh–their personal styles. After a few months, I realized I’ve been reading them more than the traditional fashion mags that I generally love, and that led to a pang of guilt.

Am I, I thought, cheating on print media?

Back in college, only about 5 or 6 years ago, blogs were just coming onto the scene. I kinda regarded them as a novelty, something cool that would eventually go the way of chat rooms. Yet here they are today, competing with print media for readers, influence and, very importantly, advertisers.

So–which is better?
Blog Pros: speedy updates; a diversity of voices (this is especially good for women of color, who typically get little to know attention in fashion and beauty mags); low overhead (AND they’re eco-friendly!) CONS: very little transparency; tiresome nature of staring at a screen; random halts in posting

Magazine pros: professional reporting (i.e. transparency); tactile pleasures; journalistic access. CONS: long production schedules; homogenous voices (go to any newsstand/bookstore and check out the covers); advertisers are shying away.

So what to do? A conundrum indeed. If I had the answer to this, I’d be a rich woman. 🙂 I like what Complex magazine is doing though; I wonder what direction we’re headed towards? Just something for media folks to think about…as if we don’t do that enough already.