So, the last few months have been busy! I’m trying to get back on track though. More regular postings coming up; in the meantime, check out exciting stuff that people I know are doing.

Cassandra Love, poet
My friend Cassandra is an uber-talented poet in Southern California (and is a PEN fellow, among other things). She’s got a book of poetry, “Swagger is a Woman” forthcoming in November from Mouthfeel Press.

Brandon Lamar, model & more
My homeboy Brandon is a model based in NYC. He’s a nice and funny as he is handsome, and he recently got his own talkshow, “Real Talk with Brandon.”

Bethany Joy Collins
Here is a link to the work of one of my friends from UA. Bethany is a FANTASTIC photographer and a great artist. I love her work (and hopefully I can afford it one day!).

So there you have it. I have lots of friends who are doing cool things in media and literature (my twin passions), so expect to hear more in the future!