I’m a firm believer in using your talents to help others–which is why I find myself doing a lot of editing and PR-type stuff as volunteer work.  Here’s the latest, a call to action/program description for the YMCA in downtown Birmingham. This is an excellent program, and I hope this copy I created for them helps their program become successful.


 The YMCA Youth Center Career Program
Planting the seeds of possibility, one mind at a time!

Are you an African American adult who cares about the future of Birmingham’s youth? Do you have one hour to spare this year? Then the YMCA Youth Center Career Program needs you!

This weekly program is designed to plant seeds of possibility in the minds of Birmingham’s youth. For one hour each week, 20 middle school aged kids are exposed to an African American professional, from truck drivers to entertainers to physicians. The professionals share their personal stories about life and how they have made it to the place they are today. Once the children find the area or field that interests them, we make sure they grow by bringing tutors and allowing them more one-on-one time with the professional.

One hour out of your year can change the entire course of a young person’s life. Sign up today; plant the seed and make sure it grows!

The YMCA Youth Center Career Program takes place every Friday at 4 p.m. at the downtown YMCA. To give YOUR hour, contact Ryan Waguespack at Ryanwagu@aol.com or call 205-901-4393.